☾✰~The Nightmare Within~✰☽ (Vesh's story)

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☾✰~The Nightmare Within~✰☽ (Vesh's story)

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☖~Chapter 1~☗

An Unsuspected Visitor

The night was warm with not a single dewdrop to be seen. A man was sitting in a tree with one leg hanging off as he watched the night sky. The stars were like diamonds no? The only difference were that stars were much more beautiful then any diamond. Well, in his eyes they were and they would always be to him. His only eye which was his right eye looked to the right as he slightly moved his head along with it.
"You know you can't sneak up on me Charlotte" He said in a calm voice as his eye returned looking up at the night sky. A girl with black hair that was tied up in a bun walked out of the shadows. She looked up at him a smiled.
"You're not an Assassin for nothing Vesh." She said and then giggled a bit. Vesh smiled a small smile and turned his head so Charlotte couldn't see. She looked up and tilted her head slightly.
"Something wrong Vesh?" Her eyes showed quite a bit of concern, they were obviously very close friends. Vesh shook his head and jumped down.
"Get Emma, we're gonna go to the lake to refill our water supply. It's low and the next town isn't for a couple miles now"
Charlotte nodded as she disappeared into the forest, the strings on her blouse waving in the wind. Vesh walked up to the cliff with his hands behind his back and watched the animals below scurry around. He then took off his sword holder and removed a cape that was also stuffed in with his sword. He had found it in a river and it dried amazingly fast. The cape was gray with weird black markings on the left side. Who would leave this thing lying around? It could be worth good money and what do they do? Throw it into the river! All of a sudden he dropped the cape and grabbed his sword, throwing it into one of the tree's leafy tops. A branch cracked and fell down along with somebody else on top of it. He walked up to the person and noticed that both his right eye and mouth were bandaged and he was wearing a black tuxedo outfit. His hat was shorter then most top hats though, and there was a weird cut on it, must of happened during the fall. He went over to pick up his sword when the person sat up and rubbed his eye. The cut on his hat opened to show a smiling mouth with jagged teeth. Vesh jumped back in surprise when he saw this odd hat.
"Who are you and what do you want?" He scowled with a large frown on his face. Strangers weren't his favorite things in the world, especially odd ones. Though he shouldn't be talking, he did have a mechanical arm attached to his neck. The person simply stood up and placed the hat in front of where his mouth was.
"Don't be afraid because I mean you no harm. I didn't mean to make you alarmed. That cape right there,you see? Right there? It must be handled with great care." The person pointed to the cape but Vesh gave him a suspicious look.
"Why should I? And do you always talk in rhyme?"
The person chuckled as he shook his head.
"No I do not. But that cape is very special as well as you yourself. You must come along on the mission of a life time. It will stop the world from being destroyed. Here" He took out a stone from his pocket and placed it on the ground. An exact twin of the stone Mekiki showed to Ray. He pressed a button on the back showing the movie and started to tell the story of the Dreams and nightmares and how the cape was one of the many clothing the nightmare king wore. He showed Vesh the markings until Vesh was convinced this guy was crazy, but the carvings made him trust him a little more.
"What's your name?" He asked in a less rough voice then before.
"Kuro. Wonderful to meet you Vesh" He placed the hat back on his head and then Vesh asked
"How did you know my name? Did you hear it from-"
"Charlotte? Oh heavens no. Nor did I hear it from Emma or Lark the store keeper. Now, Vesh Ilzack, we will meet again tomorrow. Please tell me your answer then" Kuro turned around ran into the forest leaving not a single trace behind, even the broken branch was gone.
He knew my last name! H-how did he know?! I never told anybody that, not even Charlotte or Emma!
Vesh looked over to see Charlotte holding little Emma's hand. They were both looking at him.
"You okay?" She asked, her tone filled with concern.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Let's get going"


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