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Project: WINTER was constructed by all the characters of both me, Sonicx, Dex, and Daniel. We managed to do a important project on how to make a Cybernetic A.I Reconstruction core. It was renowned as the 'Legendary' core of Musithuta. Musithuta was a ship that exploded in mid space, wiping out a whole solar system. They found many part's on a dead planet. The dead planet was already dead when they arrived there, So they looted it and found some important part's for a ship. Few days later, the ship's engine was made. It had a eerie glow to it, though, still compatible. The ship's frame was bought, and valen gave his A.I to the ship, and she helped with all the people on the ship, all the rooms too. Her name was Sero. The house we had designed fit in with the room's of the ship, so we redesigned them to be compatible. Sero kept the ship's shield up, and took monitor on the few room's. She kept also the currency in a room, called the Treasury Room. There was another place called Sack City which included a race of individual's called 'Sackpeople'. They are handled by Hero.


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