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Post by Dark Sage on Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:21 am

Death Guardians
"The Darkness Proceeds." Motto of the Death Guardians

The death guardians were a old race that mostly perfers to fight to resolve. They are a violent race, not to be messed with. They explore other universes, and sometimes aid people. They dont take much, but it would be hard to convince such a race to fight the other. They need a reason. During their exploration of the solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy, they came upon Earth and Mobuis. Theyre ships technology is much better then the humans, but the weapons are still ballistic. Most people try to contact them, but they get no answer. Hell, people even try to board their ships. They perfer to torture to get their answers

General appearence of the Death Guardians.

Light Lamenters
"We are the last of the Ordo Mallus"
These are the peaceful kind of the race. They were born with worse genetic manipulations, but had a ability to negotiate better then others. They usually wear white armor with just pistols. However; If they go to war, they use they're most skilled squadmen, which they reach the ability of fighting just like The Death Guardians. Theyre general was once a death guardian, and has been leading against them with this faction that he has made. He is slightly praised for fighting for the people. He has a sword that can pierce most things, and its made of titanium. The way power is going through it is because he usually grips it as hard as he could. The best thing about this race is that they make electricity out of juices and other food. They dont waste anything, and try to survive the best they can. In terms of speaking, they are half religous. During the first part of the war, the Light Lamenters had a refugee planet, or moreso of a asteroid. All of their people were hurt, starved, or were just trying to get by. The Death Guardians were coordinating a plan to eliminate their kind. They werent to be messed with. The asteroid was called the Ordo Mallus. The other parts of the battle werent cataloged in Death Guardian history, but the next part of the book says
'We almost destroyed them...

General appearence of Light Lamenters Elite Squadron

General ' Necro Alymari

Necro Alymari is the general of the whole army of the 'Light Lamenters'. He has a dreadful hatredness for the Death Guardians. He takes guilt on him mostly when a squad dies. He holds in his hands a advanced Power Sword that can do heavy damage to vehicles. He uses a voice changer that makes his voice deep. He has a second in command, Revalate Renagade.

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Just wondeing, but what did you use to make these?
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