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Re:Sonic The Hedgehog: Sauron Strikes Back

Post by SauronRevo on Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:48 am

A group of mobians were gathered in a secure room. Their was a person in the dark part of the room, making it so he wasn't visible. Mecha was there sitting next to Heart and Shade, Shade was sitting next to Victor and Heart was sitting next to Mattias. Mattias was sitting next to Marcia, and Marcia was sitting next to Ice, who was sitting next to Roxas. Eragorn was sitting at the end of the table opposite the mystery man. Dex was sitting across from Roxas, and Dax was sitting next to him. Quickshot was sitting next to Dax, and Liann was sitting next to Quickshot, while Horus sat next to her.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here." The mystery person said. "Yes, we are." Mecha said. "Sauron is planning an attack on the entire world, and if he succeeds, the world as we know it will be no more." The mystery person said. "So what are we gonna do about it?" Shade asked. "We're going to send all of you at the base we believe Sauron is at, to stop his plans once and for all. We're going to have to work our hardest to defeat Sauron and save our planet." The mystery person replied. "And what if we lose?" Eragorn asked, who's every move was being watched by Roxas. "Simple, we die." The mystery person replied in all seriousness. "If we do beat Sauron, how are we gonna contain him?" Heart asked. "We have a containment area which should keep him in his dark ooze form." The mystery person said. "And if he takes over one of us?" Mecha asked, knowing the dark ooze's power. "We either save you, or kill you." The mystery man said. "Who are you, anyways?" Victor asked. "Some people call me..." The mystery man said as he walked into the light, "King". "And why should we trust you?" Mattias asked. "Well, I wouldn't send my two best agents and myself" King said as he nodded towards Liann and Horus, "into a room full of heroes if I wa-" Eragorn interrupted, not caring about Mattias' question, "And a villian." He said. King nodded, "Well, anyways, I am going to send my entire army, The Vortex, into battle with you people to help you. They have specific orders not to harm you unless you harm them first" King said, "And my entire army is going to help take out Sauron too" Eragorn said. "Good, now, does anyone have any questions?" King asked.
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