The Domarian Syndicate vs The Sidus Empire

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Re: The Domarian Syndicate vs The Sidus Empire

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A marauder rammed itself into the opposing Belua with the power of a speeding tanker crashing into a jet-propelled truck, the impact being felt by the closest ground units and heard by many. Another marauder inflicted the first fatal attack, viciously battering the head of the opposite Belua to the side then swiping its claws through the neck to the windpipe, continuing to charge at the Sidusian soldiers with bloodied hands. Another Belua rammed its head into the chest of the mechanical rival, knocking some of its chrome innards out and flipping it off its feet, then stomped through the cyborg’s torso into the ground as it continued to charge - the sound of bones crunching, metal smashing, flesh ripping and wires shredding was the first war song of the battle to be heard. Most of the Belua that survived were shot down, unfortunately. However, the cyborgs that had won their short, bone-breaking duel had to deal with an entire wave of charging Dragoons. One of the marauders hadn’t expected the charge at all as it gorged out it’s opposing Belua, ending up being impaled upon a big column of sharp spikes on the face of the horses armour, thrown to the ground and then trampled on, the heavy hooves greatly denting the metal as the body tumbled and tumbled, with one hoof even breaking through the wires and flesh in the neck and decapitating the half-machine half-animal. A handful of the marauders out of the ones that continued to charge leaped onto the incoming Dragoon in front of them, either shunting the rider off and into the dust or cracking the bones of the horse upon impact. One horse had the front of its chest rammed into, the impact rupturing its innards and flipping it onto its back and crushing the rider. The rest of the horses charged through them, knocking them to the sides or with the riders thrusting their spears and tearing through the metal, still strong in numbers and shaping up to be a huge threat to the Domarian soldiers. At the top of the siege machine, some of the soldiers had already begun opening fire on the incoming Dragoons. Although most shots either missed or were deflected off of the Dragoon’s shields, a few of the horses were shot dead, crashing forwards and crushing the riders. One rider was unfortunate enough to have two sniper rounds blast his head off with devastating power, his body falling off over the back of his mount.
“What the hell are these things?” Gabe had never seen the Sidusian Dragoons before, realising that they would break through most of their army like a knife through butter. He was watching the battle below through his scope. It wouldn’t be long before their line arrived at the shields, so he gave the order: “Open fire.”

The sound of the horses armour with the running and shouting of the Sidusian soldiers was all of the sudden drowned out by the sound of the tens of thousands of Domarian rifles unleashing their firepower, a choir of thunder and murder. Many upon many streaks of gold and yellow battered against the Sidusian soldier’s shields and armour, although the Lancer shields could soak up far more firepower than that. More and more of the horses began to fall and become one of the deceased. One of the Magnus’ up on the fort wall was getting fed up with watching his fellow soldiers get shot by these ‘scum’… he called an order.
“Fire at will!” He yelled. And with that, all of the crossbowmen fired their bolts at either the remaining marauders or at the soldiers behind the shield; most of the crossbowmen near the siege machine opened fire on it and the Domarians which were present on it. Despite the bolts ripping and tearing through the heavy Marauder armour, they disintegrated as soon as they hit the shield. Luckily for the Dragoons, a couple of them saw.
“Hold!” Two of the Ieuvenis riders yelled, pulling the reins on the mount back to stop. The rest of the Dragoons did the same thing – but now they were open to the Domarian soldiers’ gunfire like sitting ducks. The heavy assault troops began opening fire on the Dragoons, the firepower they boasted dented the Dragoon shields and splintered through the weaker parts of the Sidusian armour, also managing to direct a few shots through the helmets of the Sidusian soldiers in the background and caused some damage to the riders and horses as they snarled and snorted. They were forced to turn round and retreat behind the Lancers, losing a few more on their return. “Hold your ground!” one of the same Ieuvenis riders shouted to the incoming soldiers. A colossi was seen to the east, bringing up a 600 tonne leg and piling it down on top of one of the bloodhound tanks as it shook the earth, the drill cutting through the back of the foot before powering down: the entire Domarian platoon behind the tank fell onto their backs from the impact of the colossus foot stomping down and the explosion. Although the shield deactivated, the gap between the other shields was so small that it served as the perfect choking point.

“They’ve learnt quickly.” One of the Judges mocked the Domarians.
“Get some of the Tyrants to attack the tanks.” The Judge of the Aether ordered, seeing one of the flying beasts falling and crashing into the sea of black.
“Yes sir.”
In the skies, most of the jets couldn’t be saved by their speed and manoeuvrability. The sheer size of the Tyrants with their wingspan knocked some of them out of control, yet a few pilots were welcomed by a giant pair of jaws appearing from out of nowhere and crunching through the thin metal. Only a moment later, several of the flying dragon-like beings were seen tucking their wings in and diving down toward the bloodhound tanks. Once they came in close enough, they sank their claws in deep through their armour, deactivating the shields mostly before lifting them up off the ground, flying over the sea and dropping the tanks onto the units below. One had tried dropping a tank onto a Gigalith, only to bounce off and crash to the ground on the side, but another couldn’t even get to the ground without getting slaughtered and torn apart by various firearms and missiles. It opened up several wide gaps for the Sidusians to charge through, at last. Now the crossbowmen could shoot down the Domarian soldiers, eagerly taking aim and firing their bolts over the walls in their direction.
“For the lord!” All the Ieuvenis riders cried… they began their last charge, running through their friendly soldiers and up front to lead the charge, their adrenaline levels so high that they wanted to ram head-first into the barricade of vanguards themselves. The choir of charging soldiers sounded once again, all of them running as fast as they can with their shields raised, deflecting about 95% of enemy fire.

A heavy assault troop turned round to the nearest APC, nodding once. It abruptly stopped and the back platform opened up, with no less than 50 soldiers armed with grenade launchers rushing out from behind and setting their weapons up already. They were quick to see the charging wall of death. The Armifer rider saw the grenade troops, leaning in forward to take a closer look at their weaponry… now they needed to be careful. He kicked the horse to go faster, running forwards as the formation began to turn from a single straight line to a wide arrowhead, no more than 60 metres away and closing in fast.
“Fire!” The same heavy assault unit ordered the grenadiers. They all fired a single shot each towards the incoming Dragoons, the grenades blowing small craters into the floors like a hammer hitting mud. Several of the Dragoons were launched off the floor from the explosions that blasted across the front of the Sidusian arrowhead, but despite the heavy damage inflicted, they refused to be stopped. They all lowered their spears that carried the Sidusian flag down, and now every single Domarian platoon at the front was firing at the incoming forces, but their armour was so heavy that the bullets mostly bounced off or missed.
“Send them back to hell!” Judge Servahl yelled, who was leading the line with the Lancers. For the first time, supposedly, the Domarians had felt fear of the enemy.
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